Be Neat. Be Organized with Packing Cubes!

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

by Pat Giniger Snyder

Problem: Disorganization

Because we travel so much, I really had to find a way to organize my suitcases, and decided that packing cubes were a logical solution.

Solution: Packing Cubes

I chose a turquoise 7-piece YAMUI travel organizer set.

I loved the turquoise color, the double zippers and see-through mesh!

It has 4 packing cubes, a shoe bag and 2 clear, waterproof toiletry bags. One is a smaller, TSA-approved one which I can carry on board with me. The larger one I put more stuff in, including bottles and jars which would get nixed by TSA if I carried them on the plane.

The shoe bag can carry about 4 pairs, especially if that includes sandals.

People use the cubes in different ways, like packing a cube for particular days or for family members. I just use them for myself and divide them into underwear and socks; shirts and skirts; pants and shorts; and dresses. When we arrive at a place we’re staying for a month or more, I usually unpack all of them with the exception of the underwear and socks cube. It keeps things more organized.

I chose the brand because reviewers said the double zippers were excellent and the nylon fabric wouldn’t rip easily. The company also gives you a 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty.

I paid about $20 for the set on Amazon.

I love packing cubes!

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