Our Secrets

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Work with Airbnb hosts to 

lower your rental costs.

To live an untethered life we sold our home, so that we'd have no mortgage or regular monthly rent (except for storage).

3-D's: Discard. Donate. Downsize!

If we owned a home, we'd get others to pay the bulk of the mortgage by renting it during the high season. Being weather wimps, we'd buy a home near a ski slope and rent it during the winter.

Reasonably-priced renters insurance covers storage units. Storage companies offer insurance, but ours (Extra Space Storage) didn't cover the value of all our "stuff." We use GEICO via TRAVELERS.

Health insurance for 50-plus travelers is vital. We have Medicare and AARP supplemental in the US. We've bought insurance from World Nomads in case of "emergency evacuation" in countries with "not great" healthcare.

Pack MINIMALLY. You don't need much! This is our luggage for 5 months in Asia and Europe.

Have a permanent address. It's important for insurance (health, automobile), your driver's license, official mail, etc. If possible, ask a family or friend.

Pre-pay your bills or pay your bills online.

Airbnb offers huge discounts if you rent by the month. We loved this Airbnb in Deale, MD!

You can negotiate with hosts about the price of their Airbnb's, including the cleaning fee. Staying for an extended time is good for you and for them (particularly if it's not during the high season). You never know unless you ask!

Friends and family are your support system. Thanks to ours who have "put up with" and enabled our adventure! Even Oscar, our grand dog!

Be flexible and open. You never know where your next adventure will be. Our big surprise was Montenegro!