Travel Documents You Need


For international travel, you just need your passport and visas for certain countries. Sometimes you need to get visas in advance (like for China), and other times you can get them when you arrive at the airport. You can also apply online for some (e.g. Vietnam and India, which has a long, somewhat complicated application). Check online with foreign consulates to see what the visa requirements are. It can sometimes take a week to process your application. If you need the visa quickly, there are services out there, which, for a fee, can expedite the process. Do check reviews for such services.


Be aware more than a dozen European countries (Schengen Area Countries) follow the Schengen 90/180 rule, whereby foreigners (i.e. not from one of those countries), can only stay in those nations a total of 90 days over any six month period (180 days). Your clock resets six months after you enter the Schengen Area (e.g. if you arrive January 1, you must leave by April 1, but can return July 1 for another 90 days). You don’t have to show your passport when traveling between these countries, but there are penalties for staying beyond the 90 days. It’s tricky, so stay turned for a blog about this!


We love our TSA Pre✓. We’ve saved a lot of time and energy having it. Some people we know also have Global Entry, which enables you to enter the U.S. from international destinations.


When traveling, it’s probably best to keep health documents, living wills, etc. with you, which we do when in the U.S. and we have access to our car. But you can also store it in the Cloud and/or take a photo of the key documents (including your passport and visa/s) just in case.