For the 50+ 
with Limited Income  
but Unlimited Dreams to Live, Travel and Work Anywhere 


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Welcome to Living Life Untethered!

We're Pat & Adam (aka PADAM) Snyder. When people meet us they usually ask, “So where do you live?” “Nowhere,” we say, and they’re confused, but intrigued. With our kids grown, in December 2016 we sold our home in the NYC Metro Area, put our “stuff” in storage, and have been “vagabonds” ever since. Adam jokes “we're on the run!” but it’s more like we're “living the dream.” Or at least it's our dream and maybe yours.

We're a writer and a video producer, so our must-have is high-speed WiFi. We're not wealthy and not on vacation (though it's like a permanent vacation), and we don't travel in a Winnebago (people think we should). We usually live somewhere a month or more at a time. Favorites have been the Chesapeake Bay, Utah, Colorado, Las Vegas, Vietnam, the Algarve (Portugal), Barcelona and Montenegro. 

Living Life Untethered is about how the over 50 with limited income can follow unlimited dreams of picking up and living anywhere at any time.

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